Error while installing problem_builder in tutor Open edX

I tried to install the problem_builder xblock in tutor edx, but I faced this error :
Error:(1146," ' Table openedx.problem_builder_answer ' doesn't exist")

Any help please.


After installing problem builder, you need to run migrations. I’m not sure of the best way to do this with Tutor but I think it’s something like tutor local run lms ./ lms migrate

Hope this helps!

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Yes, It works
But I need to acces to database by browser on django administration.
when I access to django administration I can’t find a table named openedx.problem_builder_answer

Problem Builder does not use the django admin, so it won’t appear there. (You could modify the code to make it appear there if you wanted to.)

However, Problem Builder does have a built in reporting tool. Add the pb-instructor-tool to your course’s list of allowed XBlocks, then add an instance of that “Instructor Tool” XBlock anywhere in your course (it’s only visible to staff). Publish changes and view it in the LMS, and you can use those reports.

I did this, but what url I will access to it, I can’t find it on django administration for lms

If you added an appropriate to the problem builder django app code and restarted the LMS, it should appear in the django admin. However there are lots of pieces that have to be correct for it to work and I’m not sure which one is wrong if you’re not seeing it.

Make sure you added it to the problem_builder folder that’s actually used by your virtualenv. You can use ./ lms shell and import problem_builder; print(problem_builder.__file__) to check exactly which folder it needs to be in.

However I still recommend you just try the instructor tool XBlock as it already works.

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