Error with Paver

Can you please help with this??

Hello Pavan,

Screenshots are not properly visible and also are not searchable.

Have a look at How to get help to get help properly.

Hi Pavan,
which version have you setup?
It looks like an incomplete installation I think.

I am using 18.04 Ubuntu version.

Only the 16.04 Ubuntu Version is right for open-edx
In Server Requirements
Ubuntu 16.04 amd64 (oraclejdk required). It may seem like other versions of Ubuntu will be fine, but they are not. Only 16.04 is known to work


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Hmmm, I believe the devstack is compatible with Ubuntu 18.04 releases, right? And it looks like @Pavanktp is trying to run devstack.

But since we don’t even know which Open edX version they are trying to run, or even which command is failing, then we can’t really be of much more help… Again, @Pavanktp please read and comply with the How to get help instructions.

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Regis, thanks I didn’t notice that Pavanktp was using devstack.

Hello Guys,

I am so happy because of your suggestions.

This devstack will run only on Ubuntu 16.04 and no other Ubuntu versions are supported.


Devstack is not restricted to any Ubuntu release and could be installed on 18.04.
you can run make destroy and retry to install a fresh devstack.