Event Bus and GitHub Project experiment

The 2U/edX Arch-BOM team will be experimenting with using a GitHub project to make our work more visible, which is sometimes useful.

More specifically, this will be used to make Event Bus related issues more visible. I’m open to feedback around what is working or not working around this.

  1. I plan to add most Event Bus issues to openedx-events.
  2. These issues will all get an “event-bus” label.
  3. We are debating how to best represent Jira Epics, and it may be a combo of a GitHub issue + a GitHub milestone. I’ll try things and we can see what works.

I am hoping that the milestones will provide some indication that these issues are likely to be attended to, but we need to see how this shakes out.

FYI: @Felipe @mgmdi @feanil @dave: Since you may see new issues appear in this area. Feedback welcome, and see the Confluence doc for known issues.