File upload to freenas minio S3 storage


I have a problem, I need to configure my open edx to store files from users when they upload them as part of the answer in a course, as far as I can tell this needs to be done by using file storage, the default being amazone aws S3, but I dont have that, but I have FreeNas minio S3 storage, but I cannot seem to get this working.

I tried to just add the settings in lms.auth.json

"AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID": "freenas3accesskey",
    "AWS_S3_CUSTOM_DOMAIN": "domain:9000",
    "AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY": "freenasssecrete",
    "AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME": "bucket name",

And in lms.env.json

    "BUCKET": "bucket name",
    "ROOT_PATH": "grades",
    "STORAGE_CLASS": "",
      "location": "/tmp/edx-s3/grades"
    "STORAGE_TYPE": "s3"

But to be honest it was just a shot in the dark.

So my question is is it even possible to upload these files in FreeNas minio S3 storage, and if it is what setting do I need to change?

Thank you in advance for your help.