How to upload file in "File & Uploads" to S3

Hi all,

I’m trying to change local storage to s3.
I changed all configure, which involve storage, to S3BotoStorage in {lms, cms}.auth.json and {lms, cms}.env.json files, and it worked well for ORA component, but It doesn’t work on “cms website > Content > File & Upload”

I have 2 problems, I hope you can help me that

  • Where do the file store when I upload files on “File & Upload”?
  • How can I make s3 work well on “File & Upload”?

Thank you for help.

The files uploaded via File and Uploads are stored in MongoDB, and AFAIK there is currently no way to change this. They are imported and exported with the course, so they can be reliably used in course content.

Files uploaded by users on the forum, course exports, csv reports etc are stored on S3 if properly configured.

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I can see it. Thank you for your help.