Files & Upload cant load more than 1mb

Is Files & Upload working for anyone for files bigger than 1mb? under it seems to be fine, the limit reads 100mb and i even changed it on MAX_ASSET_UPLOAD_FILE_SIZE_IN_MB to 600mb and it still is unable to load files bigger than 1mb. The error above is “Error uploading file1mb. Try again.”

It’s worth checking the config of nginx or any other reverse proxy you might be using. Those will often default to a relatively small max request size, and may need to be changed as well.

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yep for nginx it was client_max_body_size which defaulted to 1mb, set that to 0 on studio domain, 1 other thing that was limiting to 250mb per file was caddy which for me it was on “/home/user/.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/tutor/templates/apps/caddy/Caddyfile”.
There you could see

{{ CMS_HOST }}{$default_site_port} {
    @favicon_matcher {
        path_regexp ^/favicon.ico$
    rewrite @favicon_matcher /theming/asset/images/favicon.ico

    import proxy "cms:8000"

    {{ patch("caddyfile-cms")|indent(4) }}

    handle_path /* {
        request_body {
            max_size 250MB

Just set that to 25000MB which is enough for me

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