Firms specializing in Instructional and Course Design for Open edX

The Open edX team is looking to build our network of providers specializing in learning and course design.

If you work for a firm – or can recommend one – that specializes in building high-quality courses for the Open edX platform, please PM me.

We anticipate there will be high demand for these services in the Summer and Fall and want to strengthen our referral network to meet that demand. Ideally, you would already have referenceable customers.



Great idea! Will make sure this gets eyes from my network

Hi @e0d
I work at TAU Online @ Tel Aviv University and we are partners of IsraelX.
You can check out our courses on
Campus IL
We also have courses on Coursera


Thanks for reaching out. Is TAU Online part of Tel Aviv University? Are you available to potentially work with other clients?



Hi @e0d,
We also provide full range of services for course production and open to work with clients that might need help.
We do instructional design, videos, illustration and infographic, assessments and activities and content integration on Open edx platform.