Introducing myself: Mattijs Joosten

Hi, I’m with leerX, a Dutch e-learning company. We like using Open edX every chance we get. We love working with our clients and coming up with affordable custom solutions that fit their needs.

For instance:
European Schoolnet has very knowledgeable IT-staff. All they wanted to know was how to install, configure and maintain an Open edX platform. So we trained their admin and installed Open edX together on their own infrastructure. And they went and made this with it:

Cadmatic is a software company that wants to offer online training to their clients. We set up an Open edX instance on their AWS account and maintain it for them. We also help with creating course content to make sure that their learning goals are reached. This platform is not open to the public.

Passend Lezen is a small Dutch non-profit organization that approached us to offer e-learning to their personnel and volunteers. We set up a branded site for them on our shared server where they can create their own courses. The front-end needed to be really minimalistic and clear, because they work with people with a visual impairment.

And those are just some of our clients. Currently we are also working with Dutch health insurance companies to provide training and on-boarding for their staff using an Open edX platform.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and talk ideas.