Footer logo points to localhost (but header logo uses the correct domain)


I’m trying to configure Juniper’s footer logo. It appears as a broken link even though the header logo works correctly.

Inspecting the HTML code I can see that the header logo is using the correct domain https://mydomain/static/images/logo.b6c374d66d57.png but the footer logo is wrongly pointing to localhost. https://localhost/static/images/logo.b6c374d66d57.png (and thus, the error)

How can I change the domain of that footer logo?

After double checking the lms.env.json file I can see that LMS_BASE is pointing to my domain.
I also ran this command:

paver update_assets lms --settings=production

and restarted the server

sudo /edx/bin/supervisorctl restart edxapp_worker: lms cms

to no avail. Any help will be much appreciated.

Hi @Juanan,

Could you say which version of the platform you are using?

Since Juniper, the .json config files are not longer used. Instead, it is using the /edx/etc/lms.yml and /edx/etc/studio.yml files.

If you are using juniper that could be the problem, on the other hand here is the place where it is calculated the source of the footer logo:

You should check your configs related to the Django staticfiles_storage

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Thanks for the heads up. Yes, I was using Juniper and indeed, I was changing the wrong file.