Generate Open Badges with edX? A new XBlock to create?

I would have liked to know if there was a native Open edX feature to generate Open Badges for a cohort?If not, is there a working XBlock using a market solution on this subject? If not, I was thinking of starting to develop an XBlock compatible with a tool from the market. Would that be useful?

Hi @Vincent, There is a full featured django application in the base edx-platform that supports Open Badges, though this integrates with an external Open Badge Generator. There’s documentation on enabling and configuring badge support in the platform available here. By default this uses Badgr’s Open Badge server, but it can be configured to use any Open Badge generator desired.

Do you mean instead building an Open Badge generator within Open edX? This doesn’t seem insurmountable, but it may be easier to run an external Open Badge generator and use the badges support in edx-platform to integrate with this.

Does this help, or perhaps I misunderstood the question here?