Graphing user enrollments over time

Hello, I recently advertised my courses, but I’d like to see if the advertisement has led to any uptick in the number of account registrations. How can I extract the number of registered users on my Lilac Tutor instance over time (either the number registered per day, which I can then plot, or the cumulative number registered per day). (Please don’t propose any non-free options like “Use Cairn”). Thank you.

Hello Rohan,

You can use Open edX Analytics or Insights (Open source, free and part of Open edX environment), although it’s a bit tricky to install and make it work correctly.

I am not sure if figures is there for lilac, but that also is an option.

Also these datasets are already available in your MySQL database so those also can be extracted. There are reports available in instructor panel which could also give you what you desire.

AFAIK none of Analytics, Insights, or Figures work with Tutor?

Raw MySQL might be an option, though I’d need a hint on where to begin.

Thank you.

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