Help improve devstack by opting in to usage metrics

As part of its ownership work for devstack, the Arch-BOM team at edX has added instrumentation so that we can track which Make targets are being used, how long they take to run, which ones are exiting with errors, and other useful metrics. This will help us to prioritize improvements, keep an eye on error rates, and determine whether education and code fixes are making a difference to developers.

If that sounds good to you, just pull latest master in devstack and then make metrics-opt-in. You’ll be given more details and asked permission, and if you agree then your devstack will automatically contribute anonymous usage metrics for a number of Make targets.

(It’s easy to opt out later—make metrics-opt-out, no questions asked.)

If you have any questions, please reach out to the #edx-shared-architecture Slack channel.

Thank you!

P.S. The method we’re using to instrument the Makefile targets is still experimental and awkward, so we expect to switch to a different method if we end up wanting to instrument a larger set of targets.

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