Devstack Command Usage Data

Hi all,

We are considering adding a method of collecting data on the commands used for Devstack. This data will be used to learn which commands are used and how long they take. This is to help us prioritize future Devstack improvements.

Privacy is a large design consideration. We do not plan on adding any explicit ways of gathering PII and will do our best to minimize any potential privacy issues, though we can’t guarantee anonymization. We plan for this to be opt-in, so no automatic data collection until we have user’s go ahead.

This is still very early in the design process and we don’t know exactly how we plan on implementing this.

Before we move further in the design process, we were hoping you’d be willing to answer the following poll: Command usage data collection opt-in community poll

Your feedback will help us design the command usage data collection in a way that works for you.

Thank you,