Deprecation/Removal: Devstack (Update)

We have updated the timeline for deprecation of devstack on the ticket: [DEPR] Devstack · Issue #907 · openedx/devstack · GitHub

In about two weeks, we will be archiving the devstack repo. If you wish to continue using it, you are free to make your own forks, but the openedx version of the repo will not be maintained.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, feel free to voice them here or in the deprecation ticket.

To clarify, 2U will no longer be maintaining the upstream devstack repo, so they are proposing that it be officially deprecated and archived.

This is a good time for devstack users to try out Tutor. However, anyone is still welcome to step up take over devstack maintainence from 2U. If that happens, then we do not need to deprecate and archive it.

If you wish to maintain devstack, please comment within the next two weeks.

For Clarity, and accuracy, the archival will happen on March 11th.

A new maintainer could step up before then but we’re not actively seeking a maintainer as we believe we should continue to focus the community’s energy on Tutor and improve its development capabilities where there might be gaps.

The devstack repository has been archived, but it can always be forked from:

We will be removing devstack tooling and config overrides from various openedx repositories, which will require any devstack forks to adapt. Keep an eye on the linked DEPR ticket for updates.