Helping learners find study buddies

Hi all,
We have a few language courses in the works.
As the level gets higher, the learners need to speak more and more.
Do the the fact that we are expecting 10K+ learners, we will not be able to provide tutors for VC of phone training.
We are aiming to have them convers with each other. But for that to happen, they need to to find the right study buddy, i.e. in the same place in the course and at the same verbal level.

I would love some ideas as to how to help them fine the right buddy without management on the side of the course operators.


Hi @nimrod_rotem

Have you seen the Discussion Team feature? 12.3.1. Using Teams in Your Courses — Building and Running an Open edX Course documentation

Maybe you could create a team for each language level and learners could join the channel that best suits them to find someone else at the same level.

Just an idea.

That’s a wonderful idea!
Unfortunately, I do not seem to have this option. Do I need to to toggle something that isn’t stated in the documentation?

What version of the Open edX® platform are you using?

You might need to go to Advanced Settings in Studio and scroll down to the section named Teams Configuration and enter something like this:

“topics”: [
“description”: “Cats Rule, Dogs Drool”,
“name”: “Cat Chat”,
“id”: “cat_chat”
“description”: “Dogs Rock, Cats Mock”,
“name”: “Dog Discussion”,
“id”: “dog_discussion”
“description”: “Ferrets Furr-ever”,
“name”: “Ferret Fest”,
“id”: “ferret_fest”
“max_team_size”: 10

It works!

We will give it a try, but will still be happy to get more options, just in case :slight_smile: