Interest in an Educators/Course Creators informal meetup?

Hi everyone, I’m interested in setting up an informal meetup for Open edX course creators and instructors.

The goal would be to collectively learn more about some of the tougher questions for edX and Open Online Course developers. Things top of mind for me are enrollments, completion rates, gamification, content creation like video, images and graphics.

Format is TBD but I was thinking half presentation from a community member who is tackling one of these issues, and half discussion to determine what we’d like to get a community member/expert to speak on next.

If there are a few folks who are interested in this, I’ll try to find a good time among the group and set up a zoom. Probably in March.


I’d be interested. I can also check with my higher-ups and see whether they’d be ok with sharing our completion rates for various courses.

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Hey @john_curricume and @colin.fredericks

Looking forward to this one!

Hi John - yep, definitely interested.
A few thoughts:

  • Completion rates - we turn off the “green ticks” because the behaviour of different users (such as not watching video to the last second - or at all!) means that some users see ticks as expected and some users only see some ticks.
    We rely solely on the using reaching the course-grade passmark to be a measure of completion.

  • Gamification - our use of EdX is for workplace training (not an education institution); I’d be interested if anybody has evidence (from anywhere) of gamification being effective in a workplace context. Only about 1/3 of our users even view/download their course certificate.

Three extra aspects that I’m interested in but have not implemented yet:

  • Use of Scorm-packages to provide more visually-rich content (as opposed to the vanilla text/images of Studio Xblocks)

  • Use of external learning-functionality tools using LTI 1.3 - such as H5P (or other things), particularly submitting scores back to the EdX Gradebook

  • Video-seminar/workshop tool(s): BigBlue Button or others

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Great to hear @Dean @PatM ! Pat, I’m in the same boat as you I usually advise against the green completion ticks, also because once you go outside of standard video, quiz, text (like if you were to add a SCORM package) then Open edX doesn’t know how to track those things and the ticks get even more confusing for students. I think they end up increasing user anxiety more than reducing it. But I’m interested in other perspectives here, too!

I’d like to drum up a little more interest in this before scheduling the first one. Hopeful that I can do so at the conference and then maybe the first session ends up being in April.

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