Hi, I'm Denzil_M

Hi All, I am new to the forum and would like to know where i can help

Hi @Denzil_M , anyone can be helpful by responding to questions, even if it’s to remind people of the kinds of details they need to provide, or help them find the right category. Just saying hi to people is helpful!

What kinds of things have you done with the Open edX projects?

Hi Ned

Thanks for responding so soon. I recently became an affiliate for Edx and was encouraged to contribute to Openedx.

I dont have any development skills and am still getting my affiliate site up and running and will likeky need some help from the community.

I am however a degreed engineer (Chemical BSc and Power/Energy MSc) and am able to assist with tuition support, course content development, reviewing content right into the actual engineering calculations in the area i am well skilled i.e downstream crude refining and Combined heat and power systems/ Renewable energy technology and related…

So let me have your further thoughts…

@Denzil_M Thank you for offering to help! It’s really useful to have community members from different backgrounds and skills contributing to the discussions here. You will likely be able to answer questions or give advice that other wouldn’t know about.

Given your course development and academic background, I would recommend keeping an eye on the educators category, and when you see a thread to which you can contribute an answer or comment, don’t hesitate to do so. Even if you don’t have the full answer, contributing a just a small step or information can make a lot of difference.

Since you are new to the community, you might not have many answers at first (though the eyes of a newcomer are precious by themselves, more experienced community members tend to forget how that feels like!), and as you build experience you’ll progressively have more and more to contribute.

Hi Xavier,

Thanks for the response. i will check back on the recommended category.

Do you perhaps know if theres a forum for EdX affiliates or can refer me to someone that can help…for example:

– Getting deep links set up

– having courses or content that i can develop accredited?

– Custom Creatives etc…

@Denzil_M For this you will have to talk to your organization’s contact within edX - here we can only help with Open edX questions, not edx.org related questions.