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Thanks for keeping me in the loop @antoviaque. In addition to the official course, Intro to the Open edX Project & Contributing | Open edX Training Courses course, a few weeks ago i also launched this video project on YouTube to provide tutorials on a collection of open edx plugin coding techniques that cover most of what i ultimately do for clients when customizing their platforms. It’s a collaborative project, broken into 27 small individual videos of 10 minutes max. This project will be ongoing through the remainder of 2023.

Related, I saw that biz dev folks from both Raccoon Gang and eduNEXT collaborated on the official course. If @antoviaque and @sarina provided guidance on how i can dovetail my project into your more strategic vision, then perhaps this would further incentivize some of the more engineering-centric folks who are already core contributors to get involved? Maybe the scope of my project could be adjusted so that it more closely aligns with the direction of this thread? I’m open minded.

Here’s an example of 1 of the 26 tutorials: Open edX® Plugin Coding Tip #1 - Iterating Course Content. @kcaliff is working on the 2nd video, “creating an open edx oauth backend for Wordpress”.

Similar to the general spirit and theme of this thread, video projects require a multitude of skills, and accordingly there are many ways that someone could contribute. For example, someone who is whip-smart on open edx software but otherwise camera shy, or time boxed, could contribute by writing a draft of a script for one of the tutorials, and i’d gladly proxy as the talking head for the video content, giving credit of course to the real author. There’s also general coordination, project management, graphics and post production, all of which i’m presently doing myself but would happily collaborate with others.

Here’s the official project announcement: New YouTube how-to video project – Call for contributors

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@lpm0073 It’s great to see this! For the Open edX onboarding course, @sarina is coordinating the work, so she will better able to answer you – but it would definitely be nice to integrate together the best onboarding materials we have as a community.

@lpm0073 @sarina Moving this bit to its own thread, to avoid getting it lost in the bigger thread.

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Hi! I intend to work with @lpm0073 but I’ve been caught up in other work- I need some focus time to absorb what he’s produced and going to produce. I’m on holiday starting this afternoon through the 11th, when I return I hope to find some more sustained time on the project.

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