How can I add a certificate to the CCX course?

How can I add a certificate to the CCX course? Can a CCX course have a certificate?

Online I was able to find the next article concerning the certificates in EDX: What types of certificates does edX offer?

  • I think that a CCX course can’t be configured to get a separate certificate because such courses do not have a page on the Studio (CMS) side.
  • I think that in case it was able to get a certificate of parent course for the CCX course it means that the same certificate will be received for the different learned sections of the course → students with the same certificate will have a different knowledge after the different CCX courses of the same parent course.

Because of both previous points, it’s not allowed to add (receive) a certificate for a CCX course.

I need confirmation or a refutation of my assumption. Someone?

@Vladimir_Susloparov ,
It is possible that certificate generation was not considered thoroughly when building the CCX feature.

I tested on my end and managed for the learner in the CCX course to get the certificate request button in the progress page:

but when clicked, the button will make an http request to:
and this will not create any certificate.

The only idea I can suggest is for you to fake the certificate inside the CCX course by rendering a page inside a unit in the course with the same information the certificate would have, and allow the learners to download this as a pdf.
In case you figure it out in a different way, let us know :slight_smile:

Sorry to say, but we (MIT Open Learning and edX) initially developed the CCX feature, we deliberately avoided certificates. There were too many unanswered questions about the integrity of a certificate that might be based on only a portion of a course.

If a CCX certificate would be valuable to you, I’d encourage you to write up a complete set of user stories.

Peter Pinch
MIT Open Learning