Issue with Student-Generated Certificates

I am encountering an issue with certificate generation in my Open edX course. When students enroll, complete the course, and achieve the required grade, there is no link to generate certificate.

Could any one help.

Enable Certificates in your Open edX course please follow this doc

Yes, i followed the same link,
i created two courses one with self-paced or instructor-paced.
the instructor-paced i created 4 days and i completed all stages and in progress tab its showing that certificate is available but from where i can download no idea.

for the self-paced i created today and i completed the course and exam 100% but still its not showing the certificate

If the course is self-paced, you can also view the certificates on the LearnerDashboard page and Process page, I suggest you check once again

my course is self-paced and completed the course 100% with grades. but the right side section where its showing the “Your certificate is avaible” is not showing my screen.

my issue is resolved after enabling the certificate download before end in CMS > setting > advance setting.