How do open edx students obtain course certificates?

How do open edx students obtain course certificates?

@HertZPY, Please elaborate on your query so that we can help you out more precisely on the problem.

On the surface, it looks like you would want to enable the certificate configuration.

@chinmaybhatk I have enabled the certificate configuration and created and launched the certificate in the course, which the students took;

What do I need to do if I want to get a certificate for this course?

Please check if this would be of any help to you.

@chinmaybhatk May I ask if the student has obtained the certificate on behalf of the certificate? Or which interface students need to go to to view their certificates; Or does the student need to pass the examination to get the certificate?

Obviously student has to complete the course to view the certificate.

To view the certificate on student login, to the courses–>progress and you will find the certificate.
Refer the link which I shared of from appasembler which describe where it is a aile. (check at the end of the article).

The current progress page is shown as shown in the screenshot above; But there is no certificate button

We need to look at the issue closely. Do ping me directly if you want me to look at it.

@chinmaybhatkIn my opinion, the certificate acquisition requires the teacher to enable whether to provide the certificate, the student information authentication, the administrator to review the authentication, and the administrator to upload the certificate template. At present, the student information certification step has been passed, but there is no way to know where the administrator audit certification is or how to set up for the student to pass the certification