How can I bind my local fork?

I’ve been trying to bind my local fork, but everything I get is Error: Invalid value for ‘-m’ / ‘–mount’: no mount found for naat. (naat being the name of my fork).

I’ve tried anything being said in the documentation, but nothing happens. I’m doing it inside the folder in which my local fork is located, this way>

tutor dev launch --mount /naat
tutor dev launch --mount=/naat
tutor dev launch --mount=“/naat”

I’m new to tutor and openEdx, so any help would be kindly appreciated!.


hi, @Christian_Marroquin welcome to the community can u please tell me which tutor version u used?
u can also try this here is an example of edx-platfrom to mount with a tutor

Then, optionally, tell Tutor to use a local fork of edx-platform.:

tutor mounts add ./edx-platform

Then, launch the developer platform setup process:

tutor images build openedx-dev
tutor dev launch

follow this reference it can help you

Hi Yagnesh. Thanks for your reply and warm welcome. I’ve just upgraded to tutor 16.0.1. Now, I’m gonna edit the code of my local fork, and keep you updated.

Thanks for your kind help.