How can I locally test open EDX?

Hi there, I don’t know much about programming, but how can I start testing open EDX?

Your best chance to start with a development installation is to do it using devstack on a Ubuntu 16:

There are 2 ways you can test.

  1. - Bitnami openedx virtual machine
  2. Tutor

What requirements do I need to be able to install in Ubunto, I just virtualized a ubuntu 16.04, in theory it is compatible, I would like to try open EDX, does anyone have a step-by-step guide to support me?

This service is paid, but to learn and better understand the technology, these links seem to be paid, as I can install locally.

How to install from the beginning in a local virutal machine?

So, first decision:

If you want to test it for development install it using devstack: here

Start in step 3.3 if you want to dive in right away.

If you want an installation this link is your guide.

Hello colleague, I already have my ubuntu 16.04 virtualized in dropbox, I already saw the steps, only they confuse me a little. Once you have virtualized ubuntu, what do you do?

how do i install devstack?

This is the way to go.

Xavier thank you very much, do you speak Spanish Xavier?

Is there a recommendation to do the test on a test aws server, is it easier or is it more complicated?

Friends, in what way can I install it directly on AWS without paying a tutor, I would like to make my own open EDX design, so as not to have more time wasting I want to upload it on a free amazon server, and learn, how can I load it?

Amigos, de que manera puedo instalarlo directamente en AWS sin pagar un tutor, me gustaria hacer mi propio diseño de open EDX, para no esar teniendo mas perdida de tiempo quiero subirlo en un servidor de amazon gratuito, y aprender, como puedo cargarlo?? @Xperez , @chinmaybhatk

You don´t have to pay a Tutor, you just need an Ubuntu machine. Please see the links shared above.

Tutor is not a person, it`s a way to install Open Edx: