Open edX Platform on Windows

Hi Everyone, I have a windows machine. I want to run the edx-platform in my windows machine using pycharm. I have followed the document present in GitHub devstack but I want to run edx-platform on windows. if anyone has achieved this, please help me in setting configurations and other stuffs.

You have to install Open Edx on a Linux machine or in a virtual machine running Linux. There is no other option.

Thanks @Xperez, I have done installing the linux on vm. Can we run the edx-platform to do development without installing devstack completely.

@pavan.gupta, a “devstack” is exactly what is needed for development. There are a lot of complex dependencies and steps for setting up the development environment without using it and that is why using a devstack is very convenient.

The default Juniper devstack only enables a minimal set of services by default and hence shouldn’t use up a lot of resources. However, you can still trim that down to just the services you need and their dependencies by tweaking the docker-compose files in the repository. I have done this a few times and have had no issues.

Also, if you want to do development work on multiple releases on Open edX on the same computer at the same time, the Juniper version of the devstack repository has support for isolating multiple docker devstacks. However, older releases like Ironwood don’t. But there is a PR to backport these improvements to Ironwood as well.

You can use the release of WSL2 in Windows Build 2004:

  • Update windows to Build 2004
  • Activate & Install WSL2
  • Install the best Linux’s distro for Open edX platform
  • Start coding to allow all features

As my friend tells above, to test Open Edx for development is mandatory to install devstack.

If you want to test a production like enviroment you can always start a native installation: