Installing Open edX devstack on local machine (mac OS legacy)

I would like to set up a local installation of Open Edx Devstack, I read the options and guid eof installation at:

Sad part is, it is required Docker.
Now, I know Docker can simplify life, thing is I own a mac with OS 10.9 and would very much like to avoid upgrading.

I looked for former versions of Docker CE , could not find any for my version.

Can you please me guide for making an alternative installation on mac os 10.9 ?

I would like to explore how the architecture is made, and create a first simple app in Django to familiarise with it.


useful tip using an AWS EC2, however I cannot commit to spawn other remote machines.
I am using already a cloud service, but machine is too little and cannot risk to put it off production.

The Open edX software is large and complex. You might have difficulty if you can’t upgrade your machine. I suppose you could try using VirtualBox to create an Ubuntu 16.04 machine on your Mac, and then use the native installation instructions. But it might be very difficult to get it to work.

gosh that’s challenging, I cannot sponsor a cloud machine just for that.
Anything remote that could be used for learning ? Maybe a remote machine that you can spawn a temporary instance, for testing development .

I also look at Vagrant alternative, but links in this documentation are dead:

Any suggestion @nedbat ?

Eventually, if I was to set up a VM on Mac, would you suggest attempt to run Ubuntu or even a newer version of Mac OS + Docker - I wonder if it may work ?

Could you suggest min requirements for RAM and size to assign to the VM ?

You say you want this for learning. I’m not sure what you are trying to learn. You can get a 30-day free instance from a number of different service providers: