How do i add third party auth or sso(single sign on) like google, git hub on tutor?

Hello. I have added name: third-party-auth
version: 1.0.0
common-env-features: |
openedx-auth: |
“SOCIAL_AUTH_OAUTH_SECRETS”: {“google-oauth2”: “client-secret-from-google”}
lms-env: |
this to my code as plugin. in the plugins list the third_party_auth is shown i enabled it but its not displaying on authentication page. How can i make it display it on auth page and sign it through it?

I’m curious about the correct steps for enabling SSO now too, because last time I looked at it none of the documentation had been updated for the tutor world, and I’d like to add it eventually. (But this is probably posted in the wrong category and should be in the site operators category.)

I think this is less of Tutor side and more of how the overall SSO and TPA are enabled in Open edX. Simply setting ENABLE_THIRD_PARTY_AUTH is not enough, some other configurations pertaining to Identity providers are also needed (4.23.3. Integrating Third Party Authentication in Open edX — Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform documentation).
Tutor also has a small example of SAML auth included in the doc Examples — Tutor documentation.

i did everything that is given in the documentation. I tried to add sign in with google. I created account from google developer console and configured accordingly, but i was not able to see sign in with google. I managed to display login with institute/ campus credentials. I want to add log in with google. I am using tutor version 17.0.0