How to change the calendar from Gregorian to something else?

The calendars of many people in different parts of the world are local and specific to those places. Is it possible to personalize the course calendar and change it to Chinese/Hijri(my case)/etc? For a functional localization, it is necessary to convert all dates to the local/national calendar used by the user.

If you are asking “(e.g.) what is a Hijiri calendar”, It’s a local calendar in use in most of Arabic countries. You can take a look at conversion here:
For example, 4 Nov 2020 should be 18 Rabi-ul-Awal 1442 (indeed in arabic words: ۱۸, ربيع‌الاول ,۱۴۴۲)



I also have this problem and I ask if it is possible to change the calendar to Jalali?


Every idea and point can lead to a solution. I appreciate more contribution on this post.

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Ah, I was going to post same issue! As I know momentjs supports most of languages. And I think Open edX uses it for its calendar system, right?