Is it possible to add custom HTML and JavaScript to openedx registration form?

We want to make a custom registration with the same EDX fields and in addition an optional checkbox that open an iframe for optional monthly payment
for our social movement.

Hi @Yaniv_Gershon,

You can actually extend the registration form in the Open edX platform to include additional fields using the custom registration form implementation documented to here:

If you wan’t to go more custom than that and embed an iframe in the registration form, you’ll need to override the registration form template (preferably through a comprehensive theme).
These are the files you should edit:

Note: there’s an ongoing rework of the platform’s frontend and this page might be deprecated soon.

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Thanks a lot! @giovannicimolin
It answered us the question of whether it is possible, and I understand that it is.
I wanted to understand more about “there’s an ongoing rework of the platform’s frontend”
before doing the changes we also want to upgrade to Juniper version of OpenEDX
How will the upgrade affect?

@Yaniv_Gershon The Juniper release still has those files, so there’s no problem modifying them there.