How to conduct a student feedback survey in Open edX


We want to conduct a student feedback survey after a course in Open edX instance.
Also, we would like to generate a CSV report and graphical report of the results.

Can you please guide how to do it.


Hi @bindu_rajesh there’s many ways to do this, and many survey tools out there.

The cheapest and easiest way I find is to simply embed a Google Form. That lets you connect the form to a sheet that lets you manipulate the data as you wish, or have live-updating graphs and charts.

Alternatively you could use another service like Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, Typeforms or anything else you want that can be embedded in courseware. There is a survey XBlock, but I find that works best as a learning object rather than a data gathering tool, at least when compared to dedicated survey services.

It’s also a good idea to hit multiple angles to try and get as much participation as possible, for example sending post-course emails with survey links to everyone who completed the course. That way if they ignore or miss the first time they see it, you might get them the second time.

Lastly, incentives work. If you say “We’re going to give away an [insert online retailer here] voucher to a random survey participant on this date”, more people will take the survey. You just have to require an email at that point and have a way of filtering duplicates and fake participants (I recommend comparing the list of entrance emails to the list of course participants and making that a requirement for entry), else people will enter multiple times.


Thank you so much for your reply @MHaton.
If I use Google Form embedded in the courseware, will I be able to incorporate these results into Instructor dashboard? Basically, the faculty want to see feedback result like quiz response.


The easiest way to do this would be to take the results sheet/reports. First step would be to connect your Form to a Sheet

Depending on how fancy you want to get with your reporting, you can use Google Data Studio linked to the Google sheet as a data source and embed it on a custom page set to display to staff only. Alternatively, you could just embed the sheet itself if you didn’t want to mess around with Data Studio reports.

There’s probably a much more sophisticated method that gets you a custom tab on the instructor dashboard linked to some data source or another, but this is the quick and easy method that’ll work without developing anything :+1:

It won’t look exactly the same as quiz responses but honestly if you embed a report… it can look better. So it’s a win-win

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