Open edX questions

Hi community,

I am implementing an Open edX platform and I would like to take some questions.

  1. I want to put an Open edX platform into production and I want to customize it,
    what is the best type of installation to follow (Native or DevStack?).

  2. Is it possible for me to have access to students through the platform?
    For example, know name, email, course enrolled?

  3. Is it possible to send emails to students within the platform?

  4. Are there any plugins or tools for performing student performance analysis?

I am very interested in the platform and wanted to use it for my institution.

Thank you!

Hi @LucasOliveiraS

Yes, from the instructor dashboard for a course, under the ‘Data Download’ tab, there are several reports that can be generated and downloaded. You may find ‘Download profile information as CSV’ and ‘Generate Grade Report’ useful.

There is a bulk email feature that can be configured to allow sending a bulk email to all students enrolled in a course from the instructor dashboard. See this thread for a recent discussion on setting this up: How to send mass emails in Open edX?. The behaviour of this feature is also described in the docs.