How to add text input to survey?

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I put survey in my course. I’d like to get the users’ names and surnames’ from the survey. Is it possible to add input text to the survey? There are options for answers that only you can click or choose.

I’m curious about this too. Is there anything from within Open edX that supports students inputting arbitrary text?

You cannot ask for arbitrary text in a poll or survey. However, if just getting usernames is sufficient, you can do that by visiting Data Download page of the instructor dashboard and downloading the problem response report. You will be able to select a section/problem in the course and get a CSV file with responses each student gave.

From this page you can also download the student profile information, which should allow you to link the username to an email and name if needed.

@knoise A hacky way I guess is to add an advanced problem, a custom python-evaluated input. That will allow you to code exactly how the input should be evaluated, and you can simply choose to accept all input as valid.

In addition to what Kshitij said above, if you’re not restricted to the survey format, then yes: Open Response Assessments.

I was less interested in the username text, and more interested in just letting students submit arbitrary text for after-class feedback. ORA looks like it might work, as long as I can get the text out easily. I’ll look into it. Thanks!

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You could also look into using Discussions for this purpose, and encourage students to leave feedback there.

Another XBlock you could look into is problem-builder which has a free text entry option.