How to create a multiple choice, "any N out of M" answer?

I don’t quite know the right way to phrase the name for this type of question. But basically I want to know which N things out of M things the student did. If I write the question like

>> Which of the 3 things did you do?<<
[x] Thing 1
[x] Thing 2
[x] Thing 3

Then it expects the student has to click all 3 things. But I want them to be able to select any combination of those things (1+2+3, 1+2, 2+3, etc), so that I can analyze the results and see which things students did. I can’t do this with multiple choice, since then the student can only select one thing max.

Is there a way to create such a question?

@Rohan, this is known as a “checkbox problem”. You can see its documentation here.


Thanks, but that documentation doesn’t seem to describe how to do what I want to do. It doesn’t describe how to allow any combination of entries to be correct. (Like I said, right now the checkbox type problem seems to require every entry that you put an x next to, to be selected, when I want any entry in any combination to be treated as correct. Basically there’s no wrong answer except no answer.)

Try the Survey question type


This might be the solution you’re looking for:

@sarina has a great suggestion. You can download the survey students state results and it should look like this:

Hold up, it’s better to download the Survey Results csv (theres a button under the component to download) which looks even better:

Ah, it seems I misread your original post. Apologies. In that case, @sarina’s suggestion of the survey tool is your best bet. Let us know if it works for you!

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I can’t find it again, but I had found some forum post which basically was suggesting this same sort of strategy of hiding the correctness from the student. That seemed to work, and yields basically the same thing as the survey question type in the sense that I’ll have to download the CSV and create a script to analyze it either way to get the data I want. Thank you.

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So it turns out that pulldown questions with hidden answers aren’t great because thanks to this bug I have to select an answer, but since there’s no correct answer, everyone gets it wrong, which leads to 0 points, which leads to it looking on their Progress page like they haven’t completed the question, when they actually have.

As far as I can tell, Surveys would have the same problem? I.e. if I listed “how many hours did it take you”, and then listed “0, 1, 2, 3…” as choices, whatever the students pick, it would generally not count towards their course completion, correct?

Hi @Rohan

I don’t think the survey can be set as graded. I would also note that I have not used surveys for a while so I may stand corrected.