How to delete Waffle flag course override?

I followed the steps here: 4.12. Enabling Public Course Content — Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform documentation
to create a Waffle flag course override. But then I found that that feature is buggy, so I filed a bug: [CRI-233] Public Course Outline does not respect hidden sections - JIRA.

How can I now delete the Waffle_utils-based flag for “seo.enable_anonymous_courseware_access”? Unlike with normal Waffle flags, the Waffle_utils section of Django doesn’t seem to have any delete option???

Hi @Jimmy_Wu,

It’s true that it’s not possible to delete those flags. (Don’t ask me why!) But simply clicking on “Update” and disabling it does the job. I confirmed the outline of a course doesn’t show, afterwards.

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Thanks, I hadn’t actually seen the “update” option at the end of the line.