Edx Video Security

How can we secure uploaded video in edx.
I mean learners should not be able to download the video using some external plugins or some software.
we are using s3 features for the video uploading.

Whatever you do, one can still use a screen recorder and record it while playing

Yes, you are right but as of now I want to stop only download (using other plugins)

@rajborisagar It’s impossible to fully prevent users from downloading the videos you put online - the rule being, if a user can see the video on their screen, they can save it. This isn’t specific to Open edX btw - even DRMs & co only make it more difficult to do so, and some will still be able to capture it and share it.

I would recommend embracing that fact - knowledge isn’t something proprietary anyway… If your course provides good content, exercises and meaningful interactions, the users will still find the incentive to join your classes, regardless of that. Most Open edX instances host their content on YouTube, without any DRM, and don’t have any problem because of this.

My 5 cents :slight_smile: