Adding Wasabi (S3) videos to a course

Hi Guys

I am brand new to Open edX, just downloaded and installed lastweek.
I am trying to find the best storage for my course videos and also want to protect my videos from download.
I’ve tried Vimeo but see that it is not supported.
Youtube videos allows the user to navigate to the url on youtube (and therefore also share it).
I am trying S3 storage on Wasabi at the moment, but the videos do not render. I don’t see anything in thedocumentation around Wasabi stored video files like I see for Vimeo.

Has anyone used Wasabi? Or is it not supported? I assumed it was supported like Amazon’s S3 is.

Can someone please advise.


I don’t use Wasabi, but from S3, the video must be public.

You can watch it from the link in any browser (I make this test before putting it in open edx), so I imagine that could be the same from Wasabi.

There are two things you can do to protect your videos:

1- Generate a signed URL using Amazon S3 API, and use this URL with the video player.
2- Convert your videos to a format you can stream (e.g .m3u8), and use a video player that supports HLS.

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Thanks for the response guys.