How to implement CAS server in Open edX server

Installed open-edx ironwood.master code in my ubuntu 16.04 server. Now I need to integrate my web-based CAS server ( Central Authentication System) in my open-edx server. Each time when I click the sign-in button in lms or cms it will automatically redirect to the CAS login page and it will redirect back to the respective LMS or CMS page. This is the normal flow which I need to achieve.

For that, I changed the following details in the lms.env.json

    "CAS_SERVER_URL": "",

Added these subdomains in the lms.env.json and in the cms.env.json by replacing the IP’s.

Currently am facing the below issue,

When I open the CMS URL ( in my browser it will go to the CAS login page and, it was not redirected back to CMS. Instead of that, it was redirecting to the LMS page (
Should I need to change more configuration variables to solve this issue…?

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Hi @aks!

I’ve never set up CAS authentication with Open edX before, so can’t help you there.

But from Ironwood forward, Studio uses the LMS as its authentication service by default. You can disable this in Ironwood by setting the feature flag DISABLE_STUDIO_SSO_OVER_LMS.

However, this flag was removed in Juniper, so this workaround won’t work anymore.