How to install 3rd party Open edX Django apps

I want to install this Django app to my Tutor site, which is made for Openedx. I tried this method mentioned in documentation since it says “Would you like to include custom xblocks, or extra requirements to your Open edX platform?” but it did not made any difference. So, how can I install this Django app. Do I have to create a tutor plugin? And if I have to create tutor plugin, what should I write to install this app in my Tutor app? Thanks in advance.

Have you considered the pip package of edx-organizations?
The last release looks a bit old but you can still try that out on a dev setup.

If not, you can add that as a requirement as mentioned here.

@sagar So, if I just run “pip install edx-organizations” command, will it work? I cannot run commands like “make requirements” It returns No rule to make target ‘requirements’. I also don’t have a file for installed apps.

You don’t need to run “make requirements” and I don’t think you need to run pip install edx-organizations either.
You still need to add ‘organizations’ to the list of installed apps in To do this, you’ll probably have to copy your edx-platform, make changes to and then override it.

Update the version of edx-organizations in the appropriate requirements file (e.g. requirements/edx/base.txt).

And then finally run tutor [dev|local] run lms pip install -r requirements/edx/base.txt

Just checked on an Olive setup on my system. I have never used edx-organizations but it was already there in and requirements. Guess it comes in the box. You can verify this yourself and if it’s there and you are unable to use it… Just try running the last command that I mentioned and that should do.

@sagar Thank you, I checked and found it is already there. But, I did not understand why there are no list of aplications in tutor or documentation about how to use. I still have no idea about how to add organisations or assign/register people to organisations. I guess I have to figure it myself. Thanks for all help