How to integrate an independent application as a plugin into tutor

Hi! I’m new to tutor and Open edX. I want to try to write a simple web application. I want to make the app independent and then configure it for tutor using patches.

Previously, the following [question]( ) was asked. And the one who asked the question noticed that to create a plugin, you first need to write a project using edx-cookiecutters, and then write the respective tutor-plugin using cookiecutter-tutor-plugin.

So, I have a question, is it necessary to write a project using edx-cookiecutters or I can write an independent application first, and then configure the application for tutor using cookiecutter-tutor-plugin? I mean, bypassing the step of working with edx-cookiecutters.

And if the answer to the previous question is yes, then are there any restrictions in using the programming language so that there will be no configuration problems with the tutor later?

I will be very grateful for the answers

Hi @Alice, welcome to Open edX :slight_smile:

The cookiecutter-django-ida under edx-cookiecutters repo is a template for creating a new Django independent application (IDA). But you don’t have to use it, it’s just a helper.

Your IDA doesn’t need to be python/Django, it can be written in any language. But it’ll be easier if you do, because you can work from existing examples, and use the Open edX utilities like edx-rest-api-client.

See these plugins for examples of deploying an IDA with Tutor:

Let us know how you go!

Hi, can you share me how you go? I mean have you successfully integrated your app into Tutor, and what is the path to do so?