How to integrate Vimeo videos in Open edX

Hello all,
I want to use vimeo video on my open edX platform (open-release/hawthorn.master), How can I use it?
I have directly pasted vimeo url in video component but it does not work - No playable video sources found.
Then I have installed this xblock GitHub - appsembler/xblock-video: Universal Video XBlock with pluggable backend for many video hosting providers, but same issue
Can anybody help me with this?

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hello @jramnai.
In case you didn’t solve this already, one way you can do it is by skipping the video component and add an iframe instead (taking the embed code that vimeo or another video player will provide).

I just create an HTML component and paste in the script that my provider creates (I use Brightcove, but it is the same as Vimeo). It would be great to be able to have the edX player make calls to these provider’s playback APIs so that we can use the features of the edX player while hosting our videos in a secure environment.

Thanks for the reply @juancamilom,

I tried it with IFrame Tool which is under HTML component but no luck with this, too.

I use the Raw HTML tool.

Hi! @juancamilom @mikedkelly @jramnai
I could embed vimeo videos using iframe RAW html. Is there some way I can include navigation with transcripts like in YouTube videos ?