Vimeo integration done by anyone

Did anyone use Vimeo for video?

Hi @ashutos_sahoo, and welcome!

I haven’t used it myself, but apparently folks at AppSembler and RacoonGang created an XBlock that does just that:

Hi @ashutos_sahoo!
You can embed vimeo videos directly in the standard video block. Just paste the HLS video link found under Distribution > Video file links in Vimeo.

The only issue here is that it will skip any advance security setting (like restricting to selected domains). If you really need this, you will need to embed the video as an iframe to use Vimeo’s embedded player.

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Thank you for this information! Do I understand correctly that I need a Vimeo Enterprise account to be able to get these HLS links? That seems to be suggested here, but I’m not sure if I’m looking at the right instructions.