How to setup links in email

Hi. Anyone can help us please. We are trying open edx (native release Koa.2a) for an academic organization. We got success in configuring smtp to send mail, but the link in email somehow not correct:

  • for password reset, button ‘change my password’ link in the mail is ok (same as domain defined in ‘Site Configuration’), but when registering acocunt, button ‘activate your account’ link in the mail does not follow correct domain defined in ‘Site Configuration’. So, registering account take which domain to set in mail?

  • the link assign to logo and ‘Sign In’ take HTTPS but we are using HTTP. How to change it to HTTP?

Thank you very much


First, you better use HTTPS, because some features will not work without HTTPS.

For url error, just follow this and try: How to setup smtp email in production - #4 by Herve_siyou

Thank you @Herve_siyou

By the way, hos to enable HTTPS in Native release? is there any documents explain that?

Thank you very much

hey @Hoang_PHAM_HUY This blog explain in details on how to add ssl ( enable https ) on openedx…
You’ll find much more on his blogs.