How to translate original Open edX configuration to tutor-ese?

Posted here but perhaps I shouldn’t have and no one saw it since that thread is marked as solved.

What’s the correct way to translate some complicated original open edx configuration setting change into a tutor plugin now that tutor is the default?

I.e. from GitHub - citynetwork/markdown-xblock: An XBlock enabling Open edX course authors to maintain content in Markdown.

They say "you’ll need to set safe_mode to False or None in XBLOCK_SETTINGS"

And show a structure like

            - code-friendly
            - fenced-code-blocks
            - footnotes
            - header-ids
            - metadata
            - pyshell
            - smarty-pants
            - strike
            - target-blank-links
            - use-file-vars
            - wiki-tables
            - tag-friendly
        safe_mode: replace

And I tried to translate that to:

name: disable_markdown_safemode
version: 0.1.0
  openedx-lms-common-settings: |
    XBLOCK_SETTINGS["markdown"] = {
    "safe_mode": False

But that seems to not be the right syntax. I tried a few permutations on that but nothing worked :frowning: . How does one translate that sort of nested structure into a tutor plugin?

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