How to unlock a student's account that's been locked out due to too many login failures?

I had a student get locked out due to too many login failures. So I manually changed their password, and tried to log in as them. But I couldn’t log in as them since it still said they were locked out for 30 minutes due to too many failures. How can I override this as an admin on a Lilac Tutor system?

(Note: for some reason none of the class registration or password reset emails were making it into their inbox. They were getting dropped somewhere along the way, even though they said they don’t see them in spam, so it could have been corporate filtering. So I need a solution that doesn’t rely on the password reset mechanism.)


To disable the lock you can use this variable


To change the limit and time you can use these variables.


There’s no way to leave the capability and just unlock a single student’s account?

@Rohan, you can unlock a single student’s account from the Django admin panel here:



Perfect, thank you so much!

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