I can't access to edx studio

I try to sign in edx studio but I receive this message:

We couldn’t sign you in.

  • This account has been temporarily locked due to excessive login failures. Try again later.

Yet, I have a Bitnami account. Please, tell me the process,


Hey @JBV!

I see that Bitnami offers the Ironwood.2 version. We have added an option to unlock accounts via Django admin (/admin/student/loginfailures/), but this will be available from the Juniper release. For now it’s possible to go to the Django shell (with /edx/bin/edxapp-shell-lms) and do the following:

from django.contrib.auth import get_user_model
from student.models import LoginFailures

User = get_user_model()
u = User.objects.get(email='edx@example.com')
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