How to update new translate when create new project

Hello everyone, I create new project and there are some text in Standard English need to translate to my language (vi) , so what should I do next to update and override both file django.po and djangojs.po that was available before. The expect result is both file will have addition msgstr from new project.
(path of my langule is edx-platform/conf/locale/vi/LC_MESSAGES)


I’m a non-technical contributor so I can’t help with the code, but I believe the Translation Working Group is meeting in 15 minutes and it might be a good chance for you to ask some questions:

Transifex Working Group Meeting
Wednesday, January 4 · 9:30 EST – 10:30pm EST
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(TH) +66 2 844 9331‬ PIN: ‪328 463 362 2445‬#
More phone numbers:

Hi !

Did you work out how to pull strings in your new project for translation?

If it’s a Django project, the best guide for translating text in Django is their official docs: Translation | Django documentation | Django

And these files in edx-platform may help too:

hi @jill , is there anyway to run a command that automatically add new translate text from new project to current django.po and djangojs.po file, after that I just need to update new text in 2 files

There is an easy way to do that with Tutor. Did you have a look at the following docs? Configuration and customisation — Tutor documentation

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