How to upload video in server from CMS without s3

Hi, there!
I’m using open edx ironwood version.
How I can upload video in server from CMS without amazon s3.
Because main of my users living in village and for I moved my server from Linode to local VPS services.
Fro example:
Videos will upload to folder in /mnt/volume/video/course-1/first-lesson.mp4

Hi @Chack,

upload in CMS may be used for small files in CMS - Course - Content - Files & Uploads. But this way is not recommended for large files because MONGO DB is used as course assets storage.

You can use any manually prepared storage which is available via HTTP/HTTPS to insert link to video into Video Xblock. Also you can use dedicated volume with manually prepared video files, mounted to /edx/var/edxapp/media/videostorage, files from this volume will be available via