"How to use discussions" not showing

I installed edx Juniper with Tutor. With a new course, when I go to the “discussion” tab of the course, I don’t see the “How to use discussions” screen as suggested by this documentation page.

As far as I can see I don’t have errors in the browser console or forum logs.

Is the documentation outdated, or do I need to add something to see that page?

Edit: here’s a screenshot of how it looks for me:


Hello @MaartenGH,

The reason behind this could be this feature flag ENABLE_DISCUSSION_HOME_PANEL. Check the value of this feature flag, if it is False then set it to True and restart your LMS service. You will be able to see the discussion home panel.

Thank you very much! That works like a charm.

For fellow tutor users, I made this “plugin”:

name: enable-discussion-dashboard
version: 0.1.0
  lms-env-features: |

Save it to ~/.local/share/tutor/plugins/enable-discussion-dashboard.yml and enable it with tutor plugins enable enable-discussion-dashboard.