How weighted grades are calculating in open assignments

Hello everyone, I want to ask question about the progress section. How to calculate weighted grade in assignments. I know that quiz grades is evaluating with 1 point per question but I don’t know how calculating in open assignments? Thanks for answers in advance.

Hello @murad123

actually each graded problem will have a number of points that is configurable, that will ultimately contitute its weight when the subsection grade is being computed.

It is not different for the ORA problem. in these problems, your rubric has a number of criteria and each criterion has options that award a number of points. the total number of points the problem can grant is the sum of the maximum number of points a learner can get in each criterion.

so, as an example, if I have :
criterion 1, with these options:

  • “poor” with 1 point
  • “fair” with 3 points
  • “good” with 5 points

criterion 2, with these options:

  • “poor” with 2 point
  • “fair” with 4 points
  • “good” with 6 points

the max number of points a learner can get is 5 + 6 = 11 and this is the weight that will be used when computing the grade for the subsection where this ORA problem is located.

I hope this helps