Is there any way to grade learners in ORA without getting their response

Hello everyone,

Is there any way to configure for multiple learner.

Scenario As Example:

If i add ORA in the one unit for the group submission assignment one learner

submit the assignment and another 4 is not submitted the assignment as there

group member already submitted the assignment.

Anyway to give the grades to the other 4 learners without getting their responses?

or team configuration is helpful for the same?

please suggest solutions if any.

Thanks in Advance :slightly_smiling_face:

You can read more about team ora.

Yes, it is working.
Thanks for the workable solution.


In team-based ORA you will be able to grade the teams and if one learner submits the response based on that you will send the response to that team.

Now the issue is that I have 6 members in one team I want to grade them differently if I want to do that then how can I do it?

please suggest solutions if any.

Thanks in Advance :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve run into the same situation before. Unfortunately, you can’t. To grade students individually you have to set Team to none.
Students can note in their responses or file names their team information.