Open edX Platform from scratch

Hello Everyone!

It is great to be a part of this community: after long search of the engine for our online school, it seems like we have found a proper one.

Despite Open edX is really inspiring, it is really hard to get relevant info when you just started. If you do not mind, I will ask some questions and if community will find time to help me - I’d really appreciate it.

I have successfully (if not easily =)) launched Bitnami Ironwood cloud version on Google Cloud and I see than there are 2 great documentation sources:1st is for installing and configuring and 2nd is for building and running course. But I have not found any guidance for managing the existing portal: adding and removing admins or teachers, roles distribution etc. Would anyone know by chance if such exist?

Hi @Serp i have not installed myself Open edX using bitnami but usually your admin should be in:

Yourdomain:18000/admin for your LMS (if you have configured Open Edx LMS in that port)

Yourdomain:18010/admin for Studio (CMS)

Let me know if you are able to access them please.

Hey there, thanks for prompt reply.
I got the access to both LMS (hostname) and Studio (hostname:18010), but I did not really find a way to manage users in either.
When I try to login to hostname:18000/admin and hostname:18010/admin I receive the same error: “For security reasons, this URL is only accessible using localhost ( as the hostname.”.
Bitnami documentation is not really helpful in the case.

I really hope that you do not create users and the roles with MySQL requests =)

@Serp try this link:

Thank you, Guys for all the feed back, really appreciate it.
Read a bit about the difference with cloud solutions and self-hosted ones, decided to try to install it myself.
So now I am proud owner of a server with version of OpenEdx. I have already made admin accounts for both studio and LMS, thank you for your help =)

I am struggling to make course, but it seems like there are only 2 versions available: self-paced and instructor-paced. But if I have a few groups and would like them to get through the course at their own schedule - how can I do it if in both cases the dates are fixed? Shall I create new course for each group? Hope someone have this experience and might help me with it.

Seems like no ideas for the case from community =(

Trying to understand what is custom courses option, may be there is a solution for the problem? Not much of info about it though. Activated it in configuration, but can not see the difference.
Anyone used the custom courses by chance?

@Serp You can find the documentation for custom courses here to understand if you need it or not.